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Hi, in first place the objective of the blog is to be a container where I would like to store all my thoughs about my hobbies and, like I was learnt a lot from other blogs, forums and all over internet, I would like to teach some things or at least show my point of view in order someone could found it usefull, and by doing that I will learn a lot of things and will improve some skills like painting, programming, 3d printing.

I’m from spain and I have Spanish as mother language, but I have two main reasons to translate the articles to english, as I said, I will use the blog fro both teach and learn, and one thing I wish to improve is my english skill, so I will write articles in english so (here comes the second reason) I can reach to much more people.

So, since English is not a mother language to me, I would like to apologize in advance, I wil try to explain everything as good as I can, but if you need to ask me to rewrite or clear up some article, please, don’t hesitate to contact me, I will be pleased to attend, after all I couldn’t learn if I don’t know when I am wrong.

Thank you so much.

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